Wednesday, July 30, 2008

amanda tapping! PLEASE!

amanda! she can please!

I am not a poet. but poem i write.

She cries, i don't listen
i don't care anymore
the love is gone, nothing there
i dream about other girl
better things, better times
anything would be better than this
its a chore to give her a kiss
not to mention
the hugging, fucking and talking
i cant stand her, when shes here
i don't love her anymore
i don't love her anymore
i don't miss her when shes gone
this has gone on for to long
i find myself hating her
she wants me to listen i don't listen
what do i do, i don't know
i need something better
better than this
better than her
i need something more
more than this
more than her
she sticks around
i don't know why
i wish she would leave
or even die
look at her ass look at her tits
look at her gut look at her lips
she used to look better than this
i almost cry when i wake up
and she is still there
what do i do i don't know
i fool around with other girls
she never knows shes dumb as hell
she used to be my one and only
i used to care i sued to listen
now shes nothing
i don't care i don't listen
when she cries i hide my smile
i let it slip once in a while
she doesn't see it shes dumb as hell
she says she loves me i say o.k.
what else am i supposed to say
look at her cry
look at me lie
she tries so hard
i try not to laugh


computer box magic

so, i am sitting here at my computer box, telling it what to do with my fingers. i do not know why this is happens? help me to know? but is it magic? i do not wish to know. yes.
hello, I am svolabold. yes. you are 17? please, piss on my blog. yes.